I’m pissed!

Excuse me in advance but this is my mind right now!

  • fucking tumblr keeps crashing on me and I have already lost the same blog post twice
  • it was saturday and I didn’t go out… but its cool I spent it with my family
  • since I didn’t go out bitches a.k.a my friends get mad at me! wtf I get it y’all love me but come on one day without me wont kill you. Plus we already have gone out thursday and friday
  • im sleep deprieved
  • i have a ton of things i want to upload to tumblr
  • I have to wake up at 9 to have breakfast with my aunt and uncle
  • ghoehgg4tgrfe9hrg8rg4hwsgpnrjte
  • I didn’t celebrate 420… but really any day can be 420
  • somebody said they would call but nothing
  • I’m emotional confused but that wont stop me from living my life
  • yup yup yup yup yup 
  • everyone I know is getting engaged… like as if that will last
  • Im off to bed bye!