It happened again… another dream (or nightmare for you) with Richard Ramirez

read my previous encounter with him

In my dream I am in prison (San Quentin) and the floor underneath where I reside is the death row section. Where all the bad ones are especially Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez.

There is a fire drill and all the inmates need to be evacuated, so chaos ensues right? I mean it’s only prison and some might want to escape or worse commit more crimes. Which I understand as sick as that sounds.

If you were some crazy serial killer who enjoys killing and after so many years of being behind bars wouldn’t you want to take an opportunity to kill?

For some reason my cell is right in front of the stairwell leading downstairs to the death row section. Yeah just my luck I know. So I am outside just standing next to the rail while the guards try to chain and handcuff us. I was following orders but of course there were those who were acting out and making it impossible to keep to keep the peace.

A fight breaks out near me between the guards and prisoners so I go down a couple of steps to get out of the way. Yet one of the guards from death row mistakes me for a death row inmate trying to escape. So he yells at me and tells me to come down. I tried to explain I was not in death row but he comes up and grabs me from the back of my prison uniform.

He then shoves me to sit in one corner next to these other prisoners. Some of them were handcuffed others were not! I tried to act calm as if I was not fearful because I was. here I am sitting in a room with notorious criminals while a fire is going on above us. I might not make it out alive. Either they kill me first or we all die burned alive.

I for a moment got distracted by the guy next to me who obviously had mental problems and gosh did he smell like feces and urine. I looked around and saw that the doors on the cells were not made out of bars instead they were all metal with only a tiny window slot. I had never been there and it was dark, cold, and I could hear water dripping. 

Out of nowhere I feel a strong presence descending from the dark hallway, like an energy my body is so desperately attracted to. It was him. He looks exactly like in those pictures above; cold and cynical but still charming. His shadowy figure walking so calmly it seemed out of place in midst of all the chaos. How could he not? He worships Satan and hell. Now fire is taking over above us and here we are underneath it all not burning. Oh the irony. 

He is not hancuffed or chained which seems odd because out of everyone in that room he is probably the most famous, notorious, and ruthless. Oh and to top it all of he is holding this handmade knife in front of him. What a badass! 

The guard then just tells him to sit down and he does so. As he is sitting down his eyes look at me and he just gives me this shy grin and then looks at the ground. (ok timeout this is getting kind of sexy now that I am typing about it, I promise this is not how it felt when I was actually dreaming it. Ok lets resume)

That mentally ill inmate starts talking to me and I guess he was not that stupid cause he noticed the interaction between me and Richard. So he says "You know he will kill you?" and then I felt sort of scared but still happy.

Could I possibly be the first victim he would kill after so many years of “retirement”?

Then he Richard spoke to me and asked "Are you scared?"

HOLY SHIT HE FUCKING LOOKED AT ME AND TALKED TO ME!!!!!! Just that was enough to kill me.

Could he feel my heart race and read all the thoughts in my mind? Maybe?

I guess it’s true what they say "you get to know the real people moments before they die as they beg for their lives." So I bet Richard has enough expertise on that department.

Sorry to be party pooper guys but I don’t know what else happened after that. I know it sucks to not know my fatal tragic yet exciting fate! 

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