yesterday the perfect day was yesterday

Seriously I am in love with the fact that new music from some of my favorite 90s musicians are releasing

Fiona Apple!!!

Hello she is awesome and that voice is just unreal to know it comes out of that small body. It’s so powerful and different. She was way long over due in releasing new material. Well I am in love with her new song Every Single Night (click here) but I have to wait till JUNE for the complete album!

Alanis Morissette!!!

I had seen her on the voice helping Adam coach the contestants and everytime she would appear I would cry a little. She has evolved so much from those grungy pissed off days. Now she is mature, wise, thankful, and just overall turned out to be a great woman. Such an inspiration. So that has transcended in her new music like this song that I want to listen to before bed Magical Child (click it I tell you) but I have to wait till August for the rest!

No Doubt!!!

I love Gwen and I am thankful she kept doing music but come on nothing beats her leading the boys! Yeah soooooooo OMG I can’t fucking wait to hear it, to see it,  to feel it!!!! I’m a little mad because initally they said early 2012 but then they delayed the release in order to make it perfect. If they only knew I would eat garbage from them and still say its the best thing ever. Until September 25th rolls around I have to wait and watch their webisodes on youtube (my life is here) just to hear little snipets of Push and Shove