no joke this is me!!!!

I lay in bed thinking "oh wow I just got an idea"

then I realize I can’t do it because I have to wake up early or people are sleeping and I make too much noise!

I don’t know about you but when I do stuff I put on music and for some odd reason I want to listen (lol reason and listen rhyme) to heavy metal at 3 am in the MO-nin

Ok that "MO-nin" was so out of place…. whatever!

I only had like 4 hours of sleep… I think so sorry for being all weird or whatever the stuff I think or you think I am but yeah.

Which brings me to the next category of freaking awesomeness it is to be up during the day when you haven’t slept! (ok typing this sentence made me forget my point)

Oh yea! 

Well since I stayed up all night now that I’m required to do something I can’t cause with all the rambling of words I just typed you can see I’m not focused!!!!!!!!!

M…Y…. L…..I….F…..E….. S….U….C….K…S…!…!…!…!…!

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