You’re stupid, you’re stupid, and you’re definitely stupid

Gosh I can’t log in to facebook without first telling myself "Crystal be nice! You made a NYE resolution" 

Yeah but as soon as I scroll down to the 4th status I can’t help myself but be the SARCASTIC VULGAR FUNNY MEAN BITCH that I am.

I just can’t!

People posting their baby daddy drama like OMG really? That shows how immature they are! Well of course because nobody told them about safe sex at 16 and that’s why they are pregnant with good for nothing dads.

Or people posting sad shit about their breakups. It’s not the end of the world silly butt.

Ok I am being a hypocrite because I do post my shit on tumblr and I get pretty descriptive at times, BUT hello if you don’t like MY BLOG you can unfollow!

Plus I don’t know you so I could care less if I were to bump into you at the local grocery store and be like "Hey! Yeah I’m good just buying more cat food because I’m still single and pathetic. Oh I see you’re happily married to a billionaire good for you girl… good fucking good for you girl". Since I don’t know you and you probably don’t even live in Texas what the hell right.

That is really why I don’t log in that much to facebook and also because ugh what a yawn it is to read and see all the stuff that was already posted on tumblr or twitter. 

Somehow lately I’ve been laying off twitter (but never tumblr though) and engaging more into facebook. Simply to be a negative Nancy and bitter Betty just to make those stupid people realize how STOOPID they are!

Yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah I’m a horrible person!