Yup they always come back.

So a few weeks ago something happened where my name, intentions, honor, friendship, and credibility were questioned.

Yeah I took it a bit far and got upset but also tried to set the record straight.

This didn’t affect just me or the other person but not 3 but 4 people. Yeah I don’t even want to bring up the drama it caused me with the 4th person.

Anyways now after little less than a month the (I’ll just say it how I think of her) THE crazy, insecure, drunk, bitch who started it all wants to be a phony to me just because she needs my help.

Oh real nice huh? After I got blamed for being “fake”.

I don’t care if she was drunk and was simply projecting her insecurities onto me. She made me sweat bullets, stress out which caused a pimple and oh hell no!!! Once you mess with the money maker it’s on bitch.

Ok maybe not like that lol I don’t make my living by modeling but I thought its pretty funny and I imagined myself being all tough chick from Brooklyn.

In all seriousness people need to grow up, handle their liquor, admit to their wrong doings, let the ego go and apologize, or my favorite ADDRESS THE SITUATION BY TALKING.

So just like she was an immature catty bitch then babygirl then two can play that game!

P.S. I was accused of sleeping with her man while there was 5 million people around. If I want to do porn trust me it wouldn’t be your guy!