Im Anti-Social

So yeah these two girls I was real close to a few years ago invited me out for brunch and all that girl stuff.

I declined because well I’m just feeling them.

They are cute frilly girly girls and well I’m not too keen on talking designer labels, fairy tale relationships, and talking shit about other girls.

I seriously didn’t even feel bad telling them no. Truly I have nothing in common with them anymore.

I’m still in school and they already have “careers” so you can imagine how “mature” they are sipping on wine and paying for an over priced meal.

Yeah I’m 22 and I have the rest of my life to be an ADULT. Why can’t I just have friends who want to go to a burger joint after 12pm to laugh over some beers because we are still too hungover and tired from going out Friday night.

Yeah I know I’m too trashy, immature, wild, cheap, etc etc etc.

Then fine I’ll buy me a six-pack go to a drive-thru and go home by myself while I watch re-runs of friends!