I’m badder than Bad Boys

Apparently I have a weakness for them. Ok not really although this guy is kind of a douche. But he is hot so I can totally overlook that ;)

A long time ago during summer 2010 I met this guy let’s name him Edwin and we actually had things in common. He was pretty smart and knowledgable so we talked about history and warfare. Oh did I mention he was a boxer (I know the visuals are pouring in so I might need to take a moment).

I’m back! (no seriously I had to reply to a tweet).

One day we met up and for some reason that night we were all you know flirty and holding hands. We didn’t kiss, which I regret (ok let’s take a moment to mourn that).

He had this bad boy look and vibe to him and I am a random ditzy weird silly clumsy girl a total opposite to him and I feel we balanced each other.

Nothing happened between us and after awhile we lost communication. Fast forward to now I am friends with this guy “Derek”. To my surprise Edwin and Derek are friends. Like hanging out buddies.

Too bad so sad I recently went out with Derek on a freaking date.

Which brings me to my dilemma. Now that I saw Edwin again (on instagram and Facebook) I can’t seem to take him out of my mind.

Edwin is unfinished business and I need to settle it once and for all. I’m seriously like a guy I LOVE A CHASE! Once I’m done with him well, off I go again.

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