I think I am dating somebody?

I’m always the last one to get the memo? To top it all off its also a long distance fling, thing, etc.

Long story short I met this guy 2 weeks ago. Ok now its sort of crazy how it happened because there I was talking to this other individual I might of casually hooked up with yet I stopped because he’s an idiot. So I’m talking to “Joe” when “Tom” comes over and joins the conversation.

Anyways Tom left to California but we text almost everyday not because I want to. I’m just very polite and reply with one word texts, yes I know that is mean. 

Somehow we have made plans for when he comes back next month. In my mind we are JUST FRIENDS but I feel he wants to pursue me more than that. I think this is getting way out of control.

I don’t even like him like him so its kind of annoying when he tells me all these things. Plus lets face it I’m really bad when it comes to dating I freak out and I’m weirded out even with people I actually like.

This mess needs to be sorted out before I “break” a heart.

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