I want a BOOB JOB

So for the past month I’ve been thinking about it.

In part because I gained 10 pounds and some of it went to my boobs (YES! The rest went to my hips and thighs, NOOOOO!) and also because I bought these Victoria’s Secret bras and they were money well spent.

I typically hate wearing bras because of all that wiring but these feel awesome. Under a t-shirt they are so smooth and flawless. Totally lifts and separates nicely.

My natural boobs are great and I really am happy with them because when I don’t wear a bra they stay put and look nice. I can get away with a camisole with a built in bra under my t-shirts and go out the door not feeling I’m bare. IM BLESSED!

Now I won’t get no Heidi Montag type of boobs or even full double D’s I like small breasts. I’m a 32 B and I will go for a full C cup. Now the tough question is do I want under the muscle or not. I do like the look of fake boobs for some weird reason. Odd I know.

But what I want is that fullness and shape the look of a bra gives me with my natural boobage. So when I take off the bra I still have that look. Which most like means I will go for under the muscle. So my natural boob fat will be on top.

YES I’VE DONE MY RESEARCH !!!! Now I need to save money for it (sigh). Oh well!

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