Mother’s Day? I could really give a fuck

My opinion is that this holiday like any other holiday is pathetic!

Also like any other fucking holiday why the fuck do we have to stop the world to go out of our ways to do something special for that special someone? IT SHOULD BE EVERYDAY OR ANY OTHER UNEXPECTED DAY!!!

Yeah going to facebook and seeing all the dumbasses post Happy Mother’s Day on there is fucking dumb! We know most parents don’t have a facebook. If my mom had one I wouldn’t be her friend on facebook. I’m an embarrasment and a mess of a daughter and I don’t want her to know that lmao

Plus I don’t give a fuck if you’re mom is the best… I heard there are about a million mothers who are also the best!

One fucking day I will be the best too! No seriously I will cause I keep that shit real! 

Also, why are girls wishing themselves a Happy Mother’s Day its stupid? You’re ungrateful kids are the ones who should do it… duh! Just like I didn’t do it for my mom. (I’m horrible but we don’t get along so why be phony?)

I don’t have any kids THANK GOODNESS and I don’t want any at this moment I’m only 22 I want to get shitfaced and sleep like a fucking baby!

You know how good it is to not be responsible for somebody else? It’s fucking awesome! Hey mostly cause I can barely take care of myself to begin with!

Oh don’t worry one day I will eat these words. When my munchkin comes home from Pre-K with a macaroni and construction paper made card.

P.S. I’m Mexican-American so us Hispanics celebrate mothers day on may 10 I don’t know when the American version is.