All I am is Yours

I feel like I need Jesus but not because I don’t have him. More like I need Him to guide me yet I’m scared of what He will tell me. I’m not ready for that ultimate sacrifice. Why do I find ways to sabotage my life. I make things extra complicated?

I prefer avoiding things and not attaching myself to something I can lose. Life has a funny thing of coming and trying to screw you from behind.

I stress but truly it doesn’t matter. My body, mind, and soul belongs to Him and the riches of His love will always be enough.


Holy shit im walking by myself along.the beach.

I met some guy who bought me some drinks and i left with him. His friend then joined us and they were so much fun.

Obviously i lost my real friends and and now im waiting for them. But i just keep walking along the beach

I really need to pee! Asap!